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Fullbrook Systems have more than 30 years of experience

with process viscosity measurement and viscosity control.  Working

closely with Brookfield Engineering the world leader in viscosity

Measurement we have access to the best process viscometers available


DRUPA Dusseldorf Germany.

3rd  - 16th May 2012

Hall 15 / A21-8

SURFEX NEC Birmingham  UK

29th - 30th May 2012

Ink pumps filters & tanks-

We offer a wide range of centrifugal ink pumps as well as diaphragm, in line ink filters and stainless steel ink tanks


New UNO viscometer for printing ink

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The AST100 offers the latest in viscosity measurement technology.  

Measure and control the viscosity of any printing ink or coating with the Brookfield AST100 process viscometer.   The AST100 can be used for solvent and waterbased systems and is ATEX approved. It has no moving parts and is installed directly in the pipe between the pump and the press.  It is cleaned in placed when the line is flushed at the end of a run, without any need for operator intervention.


Single station controllers for absolute control over the viscosity of individual viscometers as well as multi station viscosity control systems are available.

All controllers used with Brookfield viscosity systems are designed for use in the printing and coating industry.  Simple to operate but with the ability to control viscosity better than a flow cup.


Available in 9,18 and 50 litre sizes the Fulcan is the ideal way to dispense solvent to and automatic viscosity control system.

The Fulcan operates at pressures less than 10PSI and is a stainless steel construction with built in pressure relief valve.  Handed connections for air and liquid prevents incorrect connection of air and liquid. The Fulcan is an ideal solution to viscosity control solvent supply issues.


Brookfield viscometers for ink and coatings

With more than 75 years of experience in the measurement and control of viscosity, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories manufacture a wide range of process viscometers and automatic viscosity control systems.

Process viscometers are available for water based and solvent based applications where ATEX construction is required. Contact our experienced engineers on 01442 876 777 to discuss you requirements.